World Anvil

Picture this: You’re knee-deep in lore, drowning in character backstories and trying to remember if your magic system is blood-based, rune-based or both (cause why not?) Enter World Anvil. This platform functions as an encyclopedia for your world, helping you keep track of everything from characters and cultures to magic systems and historical events. It’s a lifesaver for staying organized and consistent in your writing journey.

Note: World Anvil does not allow you to create your own map. You need another tool for that.


Inkarnate lets you draw intricate worlds complete with mountains, rivers, and cities, adding a visual dimension to your storytelling. When you’re done, export the map to World Anvil to make it interactive!


Unlike Inkarnate, Azgaar does the heavy lifting for you. Generate continents, regions, cities & routes at the click of a button. It offers less freedom than Inkarnate, but it’s a great place to start and an even greater place to be when facing writer’s block.


Use Watabou to generate smaller-scale maps. Drill down into cities, districts & buildings. You can even generate an outline of your main character’s ancestral home.


Donjon offers many random generators, but my favorite is the medieval demographics calculator. Want to know how many peasants it takes to run a kingdom? Feed it a population size and it will output how many bakers, blacksmiths, clergymen or guardsmen the city should have. It does the same for the number of cities, strongholds, settlements and total population for entire regions.